Empowering Business Voices: Your Advocate for Growth & Prosperity

Cultivating a dynamic business ecosystem, the Annapolis Valley Chamber of Commerce serves as a non-partisan voice for our local business community. Committed to fostering prosperity, we advocate for the success and competitiveness of businesses not only within the Annapolis Valley but also across Nova Scotia and throughout Canada. Through strategic engagement, we champion policies that promote and foster growth, ensuring a supportive environment for business development. As a proud members of both the Atlantic Chamber of Commerce, boasting a network of over 16,000 businesses, and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, representing over 200,0000 businesses nationwide, we leverage collective strength to drive impactful change on regional and national levels.

How we Advocate on your behalf

1. Non-Partisan Commitment

Upholding an impartial stance, the Chamber of Commerce prioritizes neutrality in advocating for the diverse needs and interests of our members.

2. Business & Community Partnerships

The Annapolis Valley community flourishes through partnerships. Whether assuming leadership roles or offering support to fellow organizations, we engage in collaborative efforts with other business supports, united in our commitment to drive the growth and prosperity of our region. 

3. Positive Government Relations

We maintain close relations with Government at every level, fostering constructive working relationships. Regularly, government officials turn to the Chamber network to articulate the needs and priorities of businesses within our region.  

4. Listen to Members

We value input from our members regarding challenges impacting their businesses. When a member raises an issue, changes are others who share similar concerns. Through member surveys, we ensure a unified voice is presented during discussions with Government.