Annapolis Valley Chamber of Commerce Opposes Deed Transfer Tax Proposal in Kentville



Kentville, NS (April 23, 2024) – The Annapolis Valley Chamber of Commerce (AVCC) has taken a firm stance against the potential implementation of a Deed Transfer Tax in the Town of Kentville. In a recent survey conducted among its members, AVCC found significant concerns and reservations regarding the proposed tax’s impact on local businesses, buyers and sellers.

In a direct address to the Kentville Town Council, Nyla Frank-Rodgers, Executive Director of AVCC, articulated the chamber’s position, stating “Based on the feedback gathered from our chamber members and the business community in Kentville, the AVCC takes an advocacy position against the implementation of a Deed Transfer Tax in the town.” This statement echoes sentiments expressed by local businesses and residents, as highlighted in the recent survey. The survey, initiated on April 3rd, 2024, aimed to gauge perspectives on various aspects of the proposed tax, including its initial thoughts, potential impacts on local businesses, buyers, and sellers, fairness as a revenue-generating method, and alternative revenue-generation strategies.

Survey results revealed significant concerns and reservations among respondents regarding the potential negative impact of such a tax. Many expressed skepticism about the necessity of the tax and its implications for housing affordability and economic development in Kentville. Additionally, concerns were raised about fairness, timing, and the overall financial burden on residents and businesses.

This opposition to the Deed Transfer Tax is not new. The AVCC has opposed similar proposals by the town on two previous occasions, which reflects the unwavering stance of the business community in Kentville. Drawing on the feedback gathered from chamber members and local businesses, the AVCC stands firm in its advocacy against the implementation of the tax.

AVCC urges the Kentville Town Council to explore alternative revenue-generation strategies that prioritize the long-term prosperity and sustainability of the town. The Chamber is committed to collaborating with the council to find solutions that address financial needs while minimizing hardships for stakeholders.

“We believe that such a tax would have detrimental effects on local business and our members, as well as on housing affordability and economic development in Kentville,” stated AVCC.

The detailed survey results are available for viewing on the Annapolis Valley Chamber of Commerce website at


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