Annapolis Valley Chamber of Commerce Urges Nova Scotia Government to Halt Implementation of Controversial “Commercial Winery Support Program”



Kentville, NS (March 7, 2024) – The Annapolis Valley Chamber of Commerce (AVCC) has issued an urgent appeal to the government regarding the impending implementation of the “Commercial Winery Support Program.” In a letter addressed to Minister Morrow, AVCC expressed deep concerns about the potential negative impacts of the program on local farm wineries and the community.

The proposed program, which aims to provide direct payment to commercial winery producers, regardless of content origin, has raised significant alarm within the business community. AVCC emphasizes the importance of keeping taxpayers’ dollars within Nova Scotia by supporting local farm wineries and highlights the risks associated with funnelling Nova Scotia tax dollars into foreign wine markets.

“Our members fear that this program will not only cause a potential decrease in wine tourism and consumer confusion. They cannot compete with commercial bottling plants should they have access to the same preferred markup at retail,” stated AVCC. “The program’s lack of a cap in place raises concerns about its potential to funnel millions of Nova Scotians’ tax dollars annually to commercial wineries, posing significant risks to local farm wineries and the rural communities they support.”

AVCC underscored the urgent need for government intervention to safeguard the local industry and the 1,100 rural Nova Scotian jobs it sustains. They called upon Minister Morrow to halt the implementation of the “Commercial Wine Support Program” and address the concerns raised by local businesses and communities.

“We urge the government to take decisive action to protect not only local farm wineries but anyone connected to tourism, education, construction, retail and hospitality throughout Nova Scotia,” concluded AVCC.


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