AVCC eNews: April 18, 2024

Ask An Expert Event

April 30, 2024
Event begins at 8 AM, Doors open for networking at 7:30 AM 
Kenwo Golf Club

Four people sitting around a board table laughing

Are you a small business owner looking to level up your game and take your venture to new heights? Look no further! Introducing the Ask An Expert event, happening on Tuesday, April 30th, from 8 AM to 10:00 AM at the picturesque Kenwo Golf Club. Breakfast and the opportunity to meet with six of our experts, selected by YOU included.

Hosted by Valley Business Hub, in collaboration with CBDC Hants-Kings, the Annapolis Valley Chamber, and the Valley Regional Enterprise Network, this event is tailor-made for entrepreneurs like you who crave guidance, connections, and growth opportunities.

Here’s why you can’t afford to miss it:

  1. Connect with Seasoned Professionals: Rub elbows with experts in various fields such as marketing, finance, operations, HR, technology, and more. These seasoned pros are here to share their insights and strategies to help your business thrive.
  2. Interactive Sessions: Engage in intimate 20-minute discussions with experts during rotating round table sessions. Get personalized advice and solutions tailored to your specific business needs.
  3. Group Q&A Session: Dive deeper into topics of interest during the group Q&A session. Exchange ideas, ask burning questions, and learn from your peers and industry leaders.
  4. Networking Galore: Before the sessions kick off, seize the opportunity to network with fellow entrepreneurs and potential collaborators. Forge valuable connections and explore partnership opportunities within the local business ecosystem.
  5. Follow-Up Support: The learning doesn’t end when the event does. Take advantage of follow-up sessions to delve further into topics and receive ongoing guidance and support for your business endeavors.

Meet Our Stellar Lineup of Experts:

From finance to marketing, law to retail consulting, and everything in between, our roster of experts is packed with talent and expertise:

  • Michelle Byers: Relationship Manager, Business Financial Services at RBC
  • Brittany Parker: Director of Hospitality at Benjamin Bridge
  • Jessica Clahane: Partner, Assurance Services at Grant Thornton LLP
  • Wes Booth: Founder of Canopy Creative
  • Shaun Whynacht: CEO & Founder of Blue Cow Marketing
  • Sarah & Dennis Delaney: Retail Business Consulting & Risk Management Specialists
  • Joe Kinsman: Employee Benefits Specialist
  • Kathleen Novelia: Immigration and Settlement Navigator
  • Joel Stoddart: Strategic Planning & Grant Coordinator – Canada Digital Adoption Program
  • Robert Newcombe: Founder, Newcombe Consulting
  • James Schofield: Strategy and Implementation Expert at Roman 3 Operations
  • Christine Spurr: Business Development Analyst
  • Jessi Spinney, Owner, Purple Lilac Media
  • Andre Corkum: WIPSI Program Officer
  • More experts to be announced…

Ready to Elevate Your Business?

Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity to gain invaluable insights, expand your network, and take your business to new heights. Tickets are $25 per person, get yours below.

Meet our New Board Member: Ian Murray

Specializing in public involvement and stakeholder relationship management, Ian is a strategic planner with 30 years of experience in the political, international humanitarian not-for-profit, and higher education sectors. Ian is currently an executive advisor to the senior leadership team at Acadia University, focusing on the institution’s strategic initiatives. With finely tuned proficiency in project management and planning, marketing and communications, public relations and public affairs, public involvement, and signature engagement events, Ian enjoys expanding knowledge and passing it on to others. Highly collaborative and biased to achieve consensus, Ian will quickly identify illogical and inefficient procedures and policies and is keen to develop and implement comprehensive systems to solve organizational problems. As a natural networker and “dot connector,” ensuring Acadia University is actively engaged with the people and organizations driving economic development in the Annapolis Valley is a top priority for Ian.

We’re looking forward to having you on the Board and your contributions to the Annapolis Valley Chamber, Ian

The Chambers Plan

Add a dentist appointment to your spring tidying. Firms can choose Dental coverage options that include checkups, cleanings, major services, and even orthodontics. ]

The Email Advantage: Turning Subscribers into Sales

Date: May 7, 10 AM – 3 PM

Let’s face it, the constant social media hustle can leave even the most creative business owners feeling drained and disillusioned. But there’s a simpler solution to achieve the sales you want: email marketing. 

Say goodbye to the social media treadmill and hello to a strategic approach that delivers the results you’re craving from social, with a fraction of the mental load. With email, you’ll have the power to turn subscribers into loyal customers, continuously driving sales and growing your business. It’s time to reclaim your marketing mojo and unlock the true potential of your audience. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize your approach to digital marketing!

Chamber Travel: Tuscany!

Discovering the timeless beauty of Tuscany, our journey unfolds in Florence, where historic treasures like the Florence Cathedral and Ponte Vecchio capture the essence of art and culture. Moving on to Montecatini Terme, the soothing spa town offers a tranquil escape with its thermal springs and verdant landscapes. Lucca’s medieval charm beckons with its well-preserved architecture, while Borgo a Mozzano introduces us to the mystical Devil’s Bridge. Traversing the scenic Gotnic Line reveals Tuscany’s rustic allure, leading back to Florence and then onward to Pisa, where the iconic Leaning Tower stands tall. A detour to a local cheese farm adds a flavorful touch to our adventure, followed by the medieval splendor of San Gimignano, where towers punctuate the skyline. Woven together, this kaleidoscopic journey through Florence, Montecatini Terme, Lucca, Borgo a Mozzano, the Gotnic Line, Pisa, a cheese farm, and San Gimignano creates an unforgettable tapestry of Tuscany’s rich history, captivating landscapes, and culinary delights.

Deadline: June 18, 2024 

Welcome! – New Members:

Chambers Perks App

The Annapolis Valley Chamber of Commerce is excited to offer all chamber members as part of their membership the Chamber Perks Mobile App for FREE.

The Chamber Perks App will allow your business to now be featured on our mobile business directory for all chamber businesses and users who have downloaded the app to easily search for your business. The App will also provide you with a great marketing tool for your business to offer perks and discounts not only to other chamber businesses but to users who download the app.

The Chamber Perks App will also allow your business and your employees the opportunity to save money and take advantage of perks and discounts offered exclusively to chamber businesses and their employees.

Don’t forget to download!

Atlantic Chamber of Commerce

Atlantic Chamber Calls for Action on Deficit Spending in Budget 2024

Windsor, NS (April 16, 2024) – The Atlantic Chamber of Commerce (ACC) remains concerned with high deficit spending in Canada. Government’s sustained deficit spending has led to a projected deficit of $41.1 billion this year and to debt servicing charges now eclipsing the total amount that Canada spends on health transfers each year. Interest charges in Canada will now cost Canadians $54 billion this year.

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Canadian Chamber of Commerce

2024 Federal Budget – Our Policy Experts’ Insights

On April 16, 2024, the Government of Canada released its 2024 Federal Budget. 

Policy experts from the Canadian Chamber of Commerce have reviewed the Budget in detail, and their perspective on its implications for Canadian business can be found below

“Today’s budget contains few surprises. Most of the major new spending was announced by the government over the last few weeks, and the government’s projections for the deficit are largely in line with previous predictions. Instead of using a revenue windfall to reduce the deficit more quickly, the government chose to use it along with changes to the capital gains tax, to fund this new spending.

What’s still missing is a clear plan to promote productivity and restore economic growth in Canada. Canada continues to slip further behind our competitors in both of these categories.

Our lagging productivity and stalled GDP growth means Canadians are becoming collectively poorer and working harder to just remain where they are today. Among the positive announcements in today’s Budget, we’re happy to see a focus on streamlining internal trade. Strengthening our internal trade could elevate GDP growth by up to 8% and fortify Canada’s economic foundation. It shouldn’t be easier to trade with Europe than it is within our own country.”

Perrin Beatty, President and CEO, Canadian Chamber of Commerce

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