AVCC Enews: March 7, 2024

Canada Wine Sector Support Program

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Last Friday was an exciting day for our wine growers! We were excited to be at Lightfoot & Wolfville and a part of MP Kody Blois announcing an extension to the Wine Sector Support Program with an investment of up to $177 million over the next three years.

From Kody Blois: Kings-Hants is the heart of Nova Scotia’s wine and grape sector. The industry employs 1,100 people directly, it helps bring 150,000 tourists to our province, and it contributes $250M to our local economy, particularly in rural communities.

This morning I announced the extension of the Canada Wine Sector Support Program, and research funding for the industry, which will help support the work being done at the Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Research Station in Kentville.

These investments will help to build upon the success of our Nova Scotian industry, which is deeply rooted in our communities here in the Annapolis Valley.

Last Minute Opening for our E-Commerce Program beginning March 21st!

Contact: coordinator@annapolisvalleychamber.ca

Valley Business Hub

The Valley Business Hub is the place for business support, with CBDC Hants-Kings, Annapolis Valley Chamber & the Valley Regional Enterprise Network all in one spot, 448 Main Street.

Happy International Women’s Day from (most of), the women at the Valley Business Hub! 

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Email Marketing for Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs

In February we were lucky to host our THIRD Strategic Social Media Strategy for Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs workshop!
This workshop helped participants develop engaging content for their business, and learn how to use social media as an effective tool to increase their brand visibility and nurture authentic relationships while creating efficient systems to support consistent posting & engagement within a manageable timeframe.
Did you miss the Strategic Social Media Strategy workshop but still want to increase your marketing online, don’t worry! We’re offering Email Marketing for Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs in March, more details below…

Course Title: Introduction to Email Marketing for Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs
Date: March 20, 2024, 10 AM – 3 PM
Julie Ogilvie
In collaboration with the Annapolis Valley Chamber of Commerce
Course Length: 5 hours
Email Service Providers discussed: MailChimp is described in depth, with examples provided. All strategies can be applied to any ESP. (Familiar with ConvertKit, Flodesk, Klayvio)

In this session, you will understand the value email campaigns have in marketing. You will learn how to collect email addresses from your website and other tactics. 

You will be developing an email marketing strategy, including segmentation and writing effective content. Exploring effective email content and design principles.

Chamber Travel: Tuscany!

Chamber Travel is back, and we’re going to Tuscany!

Embark on Unforgettable Journeys! Get your friends together to explore Tuscany, and meet some new ones while creating unforgettable memories.

9-day tour to Tuscany, leaving on October 14th, 2024.

If you’re interested in Chamber travel contact: coordinator@annapolisvalleychamber.ca

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Atlantic Chamber of Commerce

2024 Atlantic Chamber Policy Priorities

The Atlantic Chamber of Commerce (ACC) unveils its top three policy priorities designed to propel Atlantic Canada towards sustainable growth in 2024.

Following a period of economic challenges, the focus now shifts to strengthening the region’s economic foundation. These priorities were identified through the 2024 Atlantic Insights survey, which gathered valuable insights from members regarding the most critical issues impacting the private sector.

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Atlantic Chamber Pleased with Investments Made in Budget 2024

The Atlantic Chamber of Commerce (ACC) is pleased to see the Government of Nova Scotia continue to make critical investments in healthcare and housing. We are concerned with continued spending in other areas, a forecast of 30% increase in the province’s net debt over the next four years, with no measures to mitigate the increased cost of doing business.

Government estimates a deficit of $467.4 M for 2024–25 and emphasizes investments in housing, healthcare, and the economy. The ACC applauds the proposal to index the Basic Personal Amount (BPA) and other tax credits but notes Nova Scotia’s BPA remains well below the national average and indexing alone will not relieve the burden on low-income earners.
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Canadian Chamber of Commerce

Statement from Canadian Chamber regarding the vote in the house of commons on Bill C-58

Today’s vote is bad news for Canada, for Canadian families, and for Canadian workers.

Last month, new research showed us that Canada is losing more hours worked to striking workers than it lost at any point during pandemic restrictions. And the government’s own discussion paper on this issue acknowledged that banning replacement workers is likely to mean more frequent strikes and lockouts.

This will exacerbate our productivity problem, further erode our global reputation, and keep us from simply getting things done.

If this bill becomes law, the next time a strike shuts down rail or air travel, cell service or credit card payments, or port operations that keep products on shelves and fresh produce in grocery stores, the costs to all Canadians will be higher – all because of the politicians’ decision to put politics ahead of Canadians’ best interests.
Perrin Beatty, President and CEO, Canadian Chamber of Commerce


Glacial progress means women in business unlikely to achieve full equality this century

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce released a new report Tuesday, showing that while Canada has made some positive strides in advancing equality for women in business, there is much work to be done if we are to achieve the success seen in other countries around the world.

Women in Canada face not one glass ceiling but several, and not one broken rung in the promotion ladder but many—all of which hinder their ascent to full equality. The data show that barriers for women persist most prominently in management positions and in boardrooms.

Marwa Abdou, the report’s lead author, and Senior Research Director with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce’s Business Data Lab

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