The Annapolis Valley Chamber of Commerce is excited to offer all chamber members as part of their membership the Chamber Perks Mobile App for FREE.

The Chamber Perks App will allow your business to now be featured on our mobile business directory for all chamber businesses and users who have downloaded the app to easily search for your business. The App will also provide you with a great marketing tool for your business to offer perks and discounts not only to other chamber businesses but to users who download the app.

The Chamber Perks App will also allow your business and your employees the opportunity to save money and take advantage of perks and discounts offered exclusively to chamber businesses and their employees.

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10 Reasons why the Chamber Perks App is a great marketing tool for your Business

  1. Provides your business with a platform to drive sales by offering perks and discounts to general users, chamber businesses, and their employees.
  2. The mobile app allows you to push notifications when your business offers a new perk or discount.
  3. Gives your business full control to easily and quickly add, manage and delete perks and discounts around your business marketing and advertising plan.
  4. Provides your business with a platform to offer and manage private employee company perks and discounts programs.
  5. Allows businesses to get real-time feedback on how many users have viewed your business perks and discounts.
  6. Easily allows your business to be searched within the app and found using the map feature by other businesses and users.
  7. Allows users and businesses to connect fast and easily to your website and your business contacts.
  8. Helps you grow your social media followers by linking your social media accounts to your business directory.
  9. The mobile app allows your business to connect with Chamber Events with one click.
  10. Allows your employees to benefit from your chamber membership and access and receive exclusive chamber perks and discounts.

Offer Perks & Increase Sales

A great tool to use to create and offer unique perks and discounts to chamber members, their employees and the general public. Use the App to increase sales, grow your network, and increase your company’s brand awareness.

Grow Your Network

Market and showcase your company’s information so other users can find your company using the search map feature. With one tap, users can instantly email, call, or connect to your website or social media accounts.

Switch Chambers & Save

Extend the reach of your company’s perks beyond your local chamber. The app allows users to switch between chambers in other cities to view member companies’ profiles. You can redeem perks from all participating chamber members.

Chamber Perks Resources for Members

Wondering how to use the Admin Portal and set up your company’s preferred perks? Download User Guide

Sign onto the Admin Portal to keep your listing up to date, set up and manage perks, set up private employee perks and access real-time data and how many times your perks were viewed. Can’t find your login information? Email 

Share with all your employees the benefits of being a chamber member by having them download the Chamber Perks App and start supporting local! Here’s a PDF flyer on Why Your Employees Should Download the App. 

Access marketing material for your marketing team to use to promote your company on the Chamber Perks App here!