Workshop: Strategic Social Media Marketing

Workshop: Strategic Social Media Marketing

Workshop: Strategic Social Media Marketing

Strategic Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs

Instructor: Julie Ogilvie, In collaboration with the Annapolis Valley Chamber of Commerce
Course Length: 4.5 hours
Platforms discussed: Instagram is described in depth, with examples provided. All strategies can be applied to any social network.
Cost: $350 for Chamber members, $400 potential members

Course Description:
Are you a small business owner or entrepreneur who is frustrated and overwhelmed trying to manage your social media presence, while still finding time to work on your business?  Do you feel like the efforts that you are currently making are not yielding the results you are looking for? Do you procrastinate posting because you don’t know what to say? Or maybe you feel like you’re speaking into a void and wasting your time all together?
If you resonate with any of the above statements, then you are in the right place.

In this highly interactive, in-person workshop, we will perform a 4-hour deep dive into Social Media strategy and marketing techniques. You will learn how to use social media as an effective tool to increase your brand visibility and nurture authentic relationships, while creating efficient systems to support consistent posting & engagement within a manageable timeframe – set by you!

Upon completion, you will have a thorough understanding of how to use social media as a strategic tool to engage with your ideal audience, while using play and fun to attract increased sales.

Course Learning Outcomes:
At the end of this course, you will be able to:
– Understand the role Social media plays in your overall Marketing strategy and how to use this tool without losing your mind.
– Determine the type of posts that will resonate most with your audience, and simplify the content brainstorming process.
– Understand how to craft an engaging post, including creating the visual & written elements.
– Practice brainstorming 1 month of posts and creating systems for batching content.
– Build a strategy for engagement & determine the amount of time you will dedicate to social media each week.

Supporting materials:
A paper workbook will be provided to all participants for use throughout the workshop & to take home.
Participants are encouraged to bring their phones with them for use during class. (A laptop is not required, but feel free to use it to take notes if that is most comfortable for you.)

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