Past Women of Exellence Awards


The 2020/2021 Women of Excellence Awards was one to remember. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the event was rescheduled two times and ended up being a live-streamed event on YouTube. Three new awards were introduced, Excellence in Collaboration, Young Woman of Excellence and Honorary Woman of Excellence.

  • Home Based Business ExcellenceSarah Hayes
    Mentor of Excellence Crista MacNeil
    Excellence in Collaboration Stephanie Townsend and Michelle MacIsaac
    Young Woman of Excellence Margaret Hopkins
    Honorary Woman of ExcellenceFrieda Burger
    Business Woman of Excellence Liz Huntley
    Community Leader for BettermentJaymee Lynne Dowell
    Pioneer of ExcellenceSarah Anderson

  • Business Woman of Excellence:
    Angel Kozlowski, Angela Myers, Anne Crowell, Annette Dentremont, Carol Ann Frank, Daphne London, Donna Conrad, Heather Hewins, Jocelyne Dumaresq, Karine Moses, Laura Robinson, Liz Huntley, Lynne Godlien, Nancy O’Halloran, Rebecca Howden, Sarah Kemp, Tracey Lawrence, and Wanda Beattie.

    Mentor of Excellence:
    Adele MacDonald, Allison Maher, Beth Easson, Cathy Jones, Cheryl Ponee, Crista MacNeil, Di Best, Dr. Crystal Todd, Dr. Jennifer Jacobi, Heather Fraser, Kelly Keddy, and Silvana Bitar.

    Community Leader for Betterment:
    Alissa Cue, Diana Patterson, Dr. Adrienne Wood, Elizabeth Mason Squires, Heather Lohr, Jaymee-Lynne Dowell, Jennifer Daniels, Lana Kamennof-Sine, Laura Churchill Duke*, Paula Huntley, and Tammy Matthews.

    Pioneer of Excellence:
    Bryanne Harris, Camellia Sanderson, Jaimie Peerless, Lieutenant-Colonel Angela Thomas, Maresa Davidson, and Sarah Anderson.

    Home-Based Business Excellence:
    Bridget Havercroft, Jackie Sandstra, Keltie Warren, Lesley Hodder, Rachel Cooper, Sarah Hayes, Sue Earle, and Tammy Andrews-Tupper.

    Young Woman of Excellence:
    Ava Richter, Brenda MacDonald, Brooke Steadman, Chantal Peng, Emilie Townsend, Gwen Trombley, Katherine Myers, Lauryn MacKinnon, Madison Crocker, Madison Swinamer, Margaret Hopkins, and Olivia Silver*.

    Excellence in Collaboration:
    Andrea Watts and Nat D’Aubin, Kennedy Sanford and Team, Sherri Lonar and Carrie Poyser, Stephanie Townsend Michelle MacIsaac, The Healing Station, and Valley Women’s Business Network

    Honorary Woman of Excellence:
    Dr. Teresa Speelman, Frieda Burger, Julia Cecchetto, Julie Skaling, Lisa Rose, Myrtle Merrett, Robin Hill*, Susan Hayes MacDougall*, and Phyllis Veniot Jarvis

    *A recognized category nominee who is unable to accept her nomination due to her commitment to the Women of Excellence planning committee or Board of Directors. These women will be recognized for their dedication to their communities but will not be in the running to accept the award.


2019 was the inaugural year for the Women of Excellence Awards. The event was hosted at the Old Orchard Inn in Greenwhich.

  • Business Woman of the Excellence – Margie Lamb
    Community Leader for Betterment – Jane Nicholson
    Home Based Business Excellence – Jill Forse
    Mentor of Excellence – Patty Rose
    Pioneer of Excellence – Shelley Fleckenstein

  • Business Woman of Excellence:
    Cathy Reid, Kim Monette, Liz Huntley, Margie Lamb, and Nancy O’Halloran.

    Community Leader for Betterment:
    Debra Moore, Donna Randell, Elsie Morden, Jane Nicholson, and Paula Huntley.

    Home-Based Business Excellence:
    Heather Lunan, Jill Forse, Laura Meldrum, Rachel Cooper, and Suzi Fevens.

    Mentor of Excellence:
    Kathy Johnston-Isenor, Patty Rose, Sandy Murray, Shelley Meldrum, and Temma Frecker.

    Pioneer of Excellence:
    Bonnie Ross, Lynda MacDonald, Maresa Davidson, Nancy O’Halloran, and Shelley Fleckenstein.