Business Woman of Excellence

This award is open to women who are entrepreneurs or work in tenured positions who have not only achieved personally in their organization but have raised the bar in business within, and/or outside, their organization. The winning nominee will have demonstrated their positive attitude and commitment to developing, mentoring, and promoting others, either men or women, in their roles in business. She will have demonstrated leadership skills, and adaptability and will have had a notable impact on the business in which she works. She may have influenced culture and championed change to support gender diversity and gender equality.

List of nominees with headshots reading; Angie Sangster, Brittany Buchan, Ceilidh Wilkolaski, Daniela Siggia, Jaimie Peerless, Joanna Gould-Thorpe, Kathy Whitewood, Kay Bosch, Leanne Myles, and Lisa Barrie
Three additional nomiees with headshots read as; Lisa Jenereaux, Richelle Brown Redden and Stephanie Graves

Mentor of Excellence

This award is open to any woman at any level of their organization. The winner will be someone who has inspired, enabled, or supported another, either man or woman, inside or outside of their business/organization in a significant way.  Their influence will have had a notable impact on those whom they have supported personally, professionally, or in their business. The judges will be looking for evidence of where what, when, and how they have implemented this mentorship.

List of nominees with headshots. Read as follows; Adele MacDonald, Bridget Havercroft, Niamh Webster, Susan MacDougall, and Wanda Batson.

Community Leader for Betterment

This award recognizes an exceptional woman involved in a registered charity, not-for-profit, community group, or who is acting on her own, who is dedicated to social change and improving the Annapolis Valley community. Nominees have garnered extraordinary support from the community by being champions for philanthropy and volunteerism. The judges will be looking for evidence of where what, when, and how they have shown their leadership for community betterment.

List of nominees with headshots. Read as; Alissa Cue, Amber Juby, Anna Kate Newman, Elizabeth Mason-Squires, Ellen Crowley, Erna Fraser, Genevieve Allen Hearn, Jennifer Holleman, Kimm Kent and Krista Campbell.
Four additional nominees with headshots. Read as; Letitia Deemer, Lindsay Young, Lisa Rose, and Tina Hiltz.

Pioneer of Excellence

This award is for the entrepreneur who is a true trendsetter. She has recognized a new market, product, service, technological advancement, or opportunity and led the way. She has demonstrated outstanding leadership within her company and her market and she has set standards for originality, quality, and successful management.

List of nominees with headshots. Read as; Ann Gaudet, Caet Moir, Gabrielle France Breault, June Pardy, Linda Best, Pamela Matheson, Rebecca MacDonald, Sarah Hayes, Sue Littleton, and Wendie Patrick.

Home-based Business Excellence

This award recognizes a woman operating a home-based business including but not limited to independently run franchise businesses, home-based services, and home-based merchandise production and sales.  She consistently shows excellence and quality in service, merchandising, and product. The recipient of this award may have developed a broad network of clients, may have shared the success with other members of the community, and have had a positive economic impact on the Annapolis Valley.

List of nominees with headshots. Read as; Gaea Jess, Gina Martin, Heavy Metal Heather, Michelle Friel, Sherry Swanburg, Suzanne Gerrits, Suzi Fevens and Tina Cleveland.

Young Woman of Excellence

This award is open to a young woman with a bright future ahead of her! She is at least 16 years old as of January 1, 2023, and no older than 21 years as of January 1, 2023. She is a well-rounded young woman with diverse interests who is currently making her community, school, or organization a more interesting and enriching place through her engagement. The selected Young Woman of Excellence may have involvement in clubs, sports, a school, university, or college setting, as well as the larger community. She influences and inspires others through her leadership, creativity, and attitude.

List of nominees and headshots. Read as; Jane Maillet, Katherine Myers, Lola Hale, and Peyton Rehberg.

Excellence in Collaboration

This award is open to a team of at least two women who are entrepreneurs or work together in structured or unstructured collaborative partnerships. These partnerships may include women working together as business partners, committees or jointly to plan events or conduct activities that have an economic and/or social impact.

List of nomiees with group photos. Read as; Angel and Sherry Kozlowski, Back to our Roots Candle Company, Beth Crosby and Stephanie Smith, Janie & Lauren Noel and Steph Sedqyick, Kathy Whitewood & Sara White - 100 Women who care.
Two additional nominees with group photos. Read as; Tammy & Abbi - the MAD bakery and Your Last Resort Home Organization and Staging

Honorary Woman of Excellence Award 

The Honorary Woman of Excellence Award is a unique recognition opportunity honoring the incredible contribution of a local woman who has resided in the Annapolis Valley (between Windsor and Annapolis Royal) for at least 10 years and currently resides here. This award is solely nominated by the Annapolis Valley community and will not be set before a panel of judges but will be determined by the Annapolis Valley Chamber Board of Directors in partnership with the Women of Excellence Committee members. The Honorary Woman of Excellence develops future leaders, mentors peers, helps shape our community and gives back in ways that impact all who know her are touched by her efforts. The nominee should have a track record of long-term achievements, community involvement, and professional growth. The recipient of this award will be a woman who is known for her positive influence and competent abilities.

List of three nomineess with headshots. Read as; Cate Savage, Donna Conrad and Vickie Petrie.